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Acadventures is student and permanent migration services with a difference. We are all about making an informed decision. We are an established venture run by people with years of experience in understanding the students and their requirements in their quest for searching for the perfect course and destination. Immigration to a new country is a life changing decision. We help you choose the right country and hold your hand throughout the transition. We have over 20 years of experience in the field of student and permanent migration. We understand the needs of the students and their concern for career growth. Choosing the right course and the right institution becomes imperative here. We also empathise with parents who are concerned for their ward and are keen to send in their children to the right destination, the right school and also a safe country.

Both student and permanent migration will be a life changing decision. The cultures, climate, food, the public systems etc are completely different to what we are used to back home. Adjusting to such a lifestyle can be overwhelming. Our end to end solutions will help you overcome these hurdles and gradually ease into the life that you are looking to build for yourself. At Acadventures, our objective is to enhance your experience as a prospective student or a potential permanent resident by giving you the first hand exposure to the relevant information that will assist you in making an informed decision.


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Be ready to expand your entrepreneurial roots in other countries

A guide to the start up visa

The start-up visa is a temporary conditional residence permit in different countries aiming to attract talent and companies with the potential for high growth. Entrepreneurs will have the option of converting the visa to permanent residency if all the conditions are met.

Below are the some of the countries that have a listed start up visa program : Canada Start up visa program, Start up visa Lithuania, Start up Estonia, Start up Denmark, Italy’s startup visa, Netherlands start up visa and much more.

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