As soon as young students of year 9 th and above start understanding about the concept of having a successful career, it is important to hold their hand and guide them through the most important decision of their life. It has been observed that, usually, students are clueless on the decision for selecting the right subject after completion of schooling . This is the most critical and elementary stage of career building for a student. Only a handful (& lucky) students get the right advise based on scientific rationale. Majority of the students have been found to take this vital decision with confused and ambiguous state of mind. This leads to inappropriate subject selection which is like taking the first wring turn as per the career map.

Incorrect subject selection can lead to unfruitful career choices and as such a student may end up frustrated with his/her career in future. We are proud to be associate with the students and their families through out this journey and beyond. Starting from psychometric tests along with detailed discussions on various professions and the relevant subjects that need to be selected and beyond, Acadventures is a companion in this journey.

Career counselling can be helpful in the following ways

  • Helps pick the right career
  • Helps provide expert resources
  • Helps gain confidence and insights
  • Helps remove career-related frustration
  • Provides a role model
Acad Ventures
Acad Ventures

What is the right time to associate with a career counsellor?

While there are not pre-defined timelines to be associated with a career counsellor, it is best to plan ahead. We suggest that the students between grades 8 and 12 should seek career guidance. It is an apt time when career decisions are made. This is why they need someone to guide them in the right direction at this time.

Does career counselling work for older students?

Yes, of couse it does ! For students in college, who are still confused about what they want to do, as well as for professionals who want to transition from their field to something they love, career counselling helps in the following manner:

  • Career Counselling helps them understand the career options that they have.
  • Career Counselling helps them understand their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Career Counselling gives them a platform to voice their opinion about what they would like to pursue, as well as discuss the obstacles that they may be worried about.
  • Career Counselling makes the transition from one field to another a non-stressful event.
  • Career Counselling helps give them the required confidence to change their domain, with the support of an experienced mentor.
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