As a young and a curious mind, your opportunities are unlimited. The best place to start would be to introspect and figure out what you are really good at. It would be data or languages or maths or maybe music. Ask your family and friends and you will be surprised at their responses. Think about where do you see yourself in the next five years. Do you want to be an entrepreneur or an account or maybe a teacher. Do consider all the reasons for wanting to study abroad and what inspired you to take this first step to initiate this. Your reasons could be many, maybe you have a sibling already studying abroad, maybe your course is available in that particular college only or maybe you just want to be with your best friend who is already abroad.

Still Confused-Come to us. We have career mapping tests, which will assist you further in choosing the best career for you. We can then narrow down the universities and then take it forward to the next step. CLICK HERE FOR A CALL BACK .

Some popular study destinations are USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy and many more. All these countries have over 10000 educational institutions put together. What institute to choose can be intimidating and we are proud to be an interface between the student and the university to make an informed choice.

Based on various rankings across the world, some of the best places to study abroad are London, Munich, Melbourne, Tokyo, Seol , Zurich, Berlin, Paris. Some of the best schools for management, engineering, architecture, data analytics, hospitality are located here.

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The first place start would be Online, to learn about the college

  • Take a virtual tour
  • Visit the academic section of the website
  • Browse your course modules
  • Visit the face book and twitter feeds for the college
  • Visit support services section to get an idea about extra tutoring, mentor programs, writing skills, resume development and much more

Some of the key parameters for choosing the destination are

  • Costs
  • Ranking
  • Relatives already studying or living in that country
  • Stay back options which could be work visa or a permanent residency
  • Good weather
  • A very strong international exposure
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Our admission guidance services is a one stop shop of highly specialized guidance to ensure an unbiased and a comprehensive service to our applicants. We also provide for editing of applications which is inclusive of and not limited to services like SOP writing and editing.

Some of the key highlights of our Admissions guidance services are:

  • Profiling & University Selection
  • Editing of Statements of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, Essays and Resumes as per the university guidelines
  • Application Assistance & Counseling
  • University Interview Preparation if applicable
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You need to book a counselling session with us. We will understand your requirements and counsel you towards making an informed decision about. You can book a counselling session with us where we can analyse your career aspirations and the pros and cons of all the options that you have shortlisted. This will help you narrow down your choices and begin your application process.

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